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National Healthcare Infection Control Consulting Coverage


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Healthcare Consulting Services:  Not just for hospitals!

Settings and Businesses  with IC Consulting needs may include...

Acute Care,
Long Term Care Facilities and Corporations,
Ambulatory Surgery Centers, 
Outpatient Clinics, 
Doctor's Offices,
Prolotherapy Practices,

LTAC Hospitals,
Dental Practices,
Assisted Living Settings,

Public Health,
Healthcare Industry Partners,
Product developers,
Marketing departments,
Product Vendors,
and more!

Our Infection Preventionists who work with "Hands-On" IC Consultative Services are Board Certified in Infection Control (CIC) and each have a minimum of 20 years of experience in Infection Prevention and Control.   Let us know what you need and we will help you succeed!

Not sure where to turn for Infection Control program advice?  Contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation.

Type of Services Provided may include . . .

Infection Control (IC) Program Gap Analysis Assessment and IC Program Development Construction/Renovation Infection Control Risk Assessments (ICRAs)
Special Projects
Outbreak Investigations
Customized IC HAI Corrective Action Plan Related Work
Support Services for IC programs
Public Health collaborations with state HAI Programs
Subject Matter Expert resource (SME) for Industry Partners
Environmental Hygiene Consultation
Training and Staff Development Programs for IC for all healthcare disciplines
Training and IC related activities for Industry Partners including exhibitor support at Events

Inservices and Training for IC Related Medical Devices and Products
​Speakers Bureau participant as IC Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

The list of how we can collaborate is endless!
Here are fifteen ideas to help get you thinking "outside the box"...

Some of the ways we can work with you may include:
1.  Consultation for emergent or ongoing IC concerns via phone consultation, on-site visits or video conferencing.
2.  Developing awesome and fun IC related training and competency programs that can include clinical area staff, environmental services and others.
3.  Regulatory and Accreditation IC survey preparation and readiness. 
4.  Consultation as the IC Subject Matter Expert (SME) for building and construction projects.
5.  Training new Infection Preventionist staff with our FUN, on-line and video conferencing training programs.     (Visit the "Hands-On" Training School at:  https://hands-on-training-center-for-infection-control.teachable.com)​
6.  Review and/or development of efficient, effective Infection Control Programs for Acute, LTC, Ambulatory Surgery and Clinics for those who want a "new" approach and fresh start at HAI prevention or simply peace-of-mind that all bases are currently being covered with the program you have in place.
7.  Consultation for evaluating, trialing and implementation of standard disinfection product/program changes, hand hygiene program assessments and product change/improvement and other product implementation related needs.
8.  Vendor related IC training either on-line, webinars or in person; new product review and feedback, IC consultative marketing material review for products and customers that are healthcare focused.
9.  IC Training and staff development programs or specialized certificate program development for Vendors, Sales teams, Healthcare Leadership teams and others for infection control purposes.
10.  Coordination and planning of IC events including seminars, IC Thought Leaders focused group gatherings, recruiting Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for your company's Speakers Bureau, and more!
11.  We can create one of a kind animated videos for your organization that provide for IC training, marketing, hand hygiene campaigns and HAI reduction initiatives.
12.  Coordinate recruiting of contracted Infection Preventionists to help supplement your grant funded initiatives and other needs including HAI Programs, Infection Control Corrective Active Initiatives, etc.
13.  Consult for Product Value Analysis Team review and support, giving your VAT program the SME you are looking for!
14.  IC related article development, review or revisions including "White Paper" development for businesses and organizations.
15.  Production of animated videos for training, product promotion and advertising purposes.